GO NAGAI 50th anniversary"DYNAMIC 豪! 50! GO!"

some redesigned characters for big event in Japan. I am honored to design Go Nagai's great work in a new form. He produce and draw a lot of works, and my favorite one is "DEVIL MAN" and "MAZINGER Z". So I draw them by my art style with the greatest respect.

solo exhibition at "Cafe Zenon" in Kichijoji Japan

solo exhibition at the popular place in Kichijoji, "Cafe Zenon". I decorated a lot of characters in a spacious and fashionable space. I drew live painting on a large glass, it was a chance to let many people know my work.


Happily, I designed live goods of my favorite singer "MONKEY MAJIK". Four artists presented a design that demonstrated their individuality. Mine is simple and cute one. and I will continue to be their fan.

Magic Horse sticker

sticker of my favorite character "Magic Horse".

The Orangepage inc. book illustration

I drew a book for children published from Orange Page. I designed a lot of vegetable characters and drew illustrations. After publication, I continue to hold events at each book store to appeal.

"Zombie666"in Busan,Korea

I participated in an exhibition held in Busan, Korea. It was an exhibition of zombies drawn by artists active all over the world.

custom show of Rumbbell

hand painting for the custom show of "RUMBBELL" made by Hong Kong artist Ryan Lee. It was very exciting to paint his character with my style. Since then, this work was also interviewed in Hong Kong magazines, so I am really happy.

Art Toy Culture 2016 in Korea

I participated in an event held in Korea. I brought lots of new can badges. At the venue, I spent a pleasant time signing and live painting.

"The Lolligag show" custom event in America

custom show of "Aloha! Lolligag" in America. I drew a lot of cute illustrations like graffiti.

character designing of Re:0KT

character designing for a singer "Re:0KT" they are singer active in Japan. After the illustration was completed, I did live painting at their event.


cute small badges

a lot of cute and small badges. I will bring them to some event, so please get it.


KAMAKIRI sticker has been released. Let's energize your conversation with colorful characters.

Colk Children

I made a lot of Colk Children for the event. It was a spot sale, so I do not have it anymore, but I am satisfied because everyone did a good journey.

Smart phone case

The sale of the smartphone case I designed was started. Please purchase my case where many colorful characters were drawn.

designed apples

It is an original apples made in cooperation with apple farmers. It was made using a special sticker that blocks sunlight.


pen case with an illustration of KAMAKIRI. I made limited production for the event.

TAKARAJIMASHA.Inc. "smart"illustration

My illustrations were posted in the men's fashion magazine "smart" sold in Japan. I took charge of the fortune page and made various elements cute characters.

hand paint pazzle

This is the only one puzzle in the world that I drew for my best friend.

tote bag sold at FEWMANY in Shinjyuku Tokyo

A tote bag was sold at the famous gallery shop "FEWMANY" in Shinjuku. A bag designed by scanning a picture drawn with a pencil is a very softly atmosphere.

solo exhibition at "gallery 201"in Shinagawa Japan

I held a solo exhibition that displayed a lot of original drawings drawn with colored pencils. Many people came and I had a happy time during the exhibition.

MIMICHI hand made figure

figure of my original character Mimichi. It is my favorite work, although I could only make a small amount because I did all of the original production, duplication and painting.

Collaboration with little artists

It is an event that I will make a character based on the idea that children thought. Even if they cannot draw well , we consult and decide the shape, color, and all others together.

"My Famicase Exhibition" in Nakano Tokyo

I participated in the exhibition held in Tokyo. Many artists made original cartridge of Family Computer as canvas. It was an exhibition with dreams.

Osumousan badges

It is a badge series of sumo wrestlers. I wanted to convey Japanese culture uniquely.